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Colonial Management Group is a leading provider of quality care for addiction management and recovery. Our knowledgeable staff of treatment professionals work with each individual to find solutions that meet their specific needs. All patients are treated with dignity and respect throughout each phase of treatment. We provide affordable treatment plans that include multiple services to help people on the road to recovery including: medication assisted treatment, counseling, medical exams and multi-disciplinary team assessments to provide the utmost care for each patient. Clinic centers welcome all patients, have convenient hours and are conveniently located for easy access to treatment. We are committed to each patient’s success story. Let us be a part of yours. Call 877-284-7074 for admission and medication hours.

Durham Treatment Center

1913 Lamar Street
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-1509
Fax: (919) 416-3768

  • Medication assisted therapies including Methadone & Suboxone
  • Individual & group therapy included
  • Dedicated caring team of counselors, physicians & nurses
  • Welcoming & inclusive centers
  • Leaders in opiate withdrawal treatment and rehabilitation

"I started using about 5 years ago. My life was a mess. I would lie, steal and do things that I would not do normally. I hurt the ones that loved and cared for me. This place has help helped me to stay clean and drug free. Now I’m no longer unhappy and using. Now I make my love ones proud and happy. I also feel better about myself now. I have learned how to stay clean and have clean friends. This is why this place has helped me in many ways."

St. Louis Metro Treatment Center

The National Alliance of Methadone Advocates - NAMA

The National Institute Of Drug Abuse - NIDA

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - SAMHSA

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